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Caught something of interest in this article:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a U.S. senator from Delaware, said this week that he thinks Gore lost for other reasons. He said he believes most Americans understand the difference between protecting the Second Amendment and sensible gun protection laws.

Biden is preparing to introduce legislation to renew the assault weapons ban that was enacted under president Clinton and that expired in 2004.

"Only people with good character and good conduct have the right to own guns," Biden said during an interview with the Register.
I don't think H.R. 1022 is going anywhere, but if Biden's bill is a little less ambitious in trying to ban nearly everything, it might be more of a threat to actually pass. Anyone know if any details have been released?

The article had something else that was mildly amusing, in an ironic, disgusting way:
"I support the Second Amendment. Law-abiding citizens should be able to own guns," Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, a New York senator, said in response to questions from The Des Moines Register. "But I also believe strongly in smart laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists."
And a lot of you guys have been worried about her--don't you feel better now? ;)

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kjhof said:
Caught something of interest in this article:

I don't think H.R. 1022 is going anywhere, but if Biden's bill is a little less ambitious in trying to ban nearly everything, it might be more of a threat to actually pass. Anyone know if any details have been released?

The article had something else that was mildly amusing, in an ironic, disgusting way:
And a lot of you guys have been worried about her--don't you feel better now? ;)

this is how I feel about her...


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Well, I'll tell you what. Biden should talk about good character! He's the guy that got caught having plagerized some of "his" work while he was in Syracuse Law school. Yeah, he's a character alright! No guns for him!:biglaugh:

As for Clinton, 'nuff said!:barf:

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The "2007 Biden Crime Bill" has been introduced, but details are scant, so far. The part of most concern to gun owners not only reauthorizes the '94 ban on so-called "assault weapons," but also closes the mythical "gun show loophole":
Stop Senseless Gun Violence: Renewing the Assault Weapons Ban and Closing the Gun Show Loophole. The Biden Crime Bill provides for a straight-forward reauthorization of the assault weapons ban that became law in 1994 and it closes the so-called gun show loophole by requiring all gun show sales submit to federal background checks, just like any store-based firearm sale.
I don't know what's involved with this part:
Update Current Law to Keep Up with Changing Technologies: The 2007 Biden Crime Bill also updates federal laws relating to child exploitation and violence against children, drug possession and trafficking, firearms, computer crimes and intellectual property and victims rights.
"Smart guns," maybe, or microstamping? Who knows--but count on it not being good.

The Brady Bunch is already waxing poetic in their praise.
"Our country can't be tough on crime without being tough on guns. Many of our communities are under attack by thugs with assault weapons, and we must get these killing machines off our streets," Helmke said. "We are very grateful for Senator Biden's leadership in cracking down on crime and gun violence. The proposals should be welcome news to police leaders and families who are facing an onslaught of violent gun crimes."

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automan said:
Looks like he may be putting in crime topics to make the bill more attractive to Senators reluctant to vote just for antigun measures.
Good point, Automan--I hadn't considered that. Actually, it kind of looks like the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill (which contained the AWB, and which he wrote).

This might be dangerous.

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Biden is a typical elitist socialist a**hole:mad: Hopefully, the pro-gun senators wont let the crime crap fool anyone.

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Biden is a presidential candidate??
Could have surprised me, all the news that I read it's all about Hillary, and to a much lesser degree Obama, Richardson etc...
If you think of them running in the democrat presidential pack, I guess that you have the bitch leading the pack, and Biden has his nose in Kucinich's crack...

Wow a whopping 1%!


Keep going Joe! great strategy....

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Looking at this PDF file (page 16) on Biden's website, it looks as if it's a straight-up copy of the '94 ban (since that was so useful :rolleyes: ):

Subtitle A—Firearms Background Check Enhancement Act of 2007:
• Amends the Brady Act to require all firearm sellers at gun shows to perform their sales through a
federal firearm licensee so that all firearms purchasers must submit to federal background checks.
Also requires that the gun show organizer alert the Attorney General of the location of the gun
show at least 15 days in advance.
• No authorization.
Subtitle B—Assault Weapons Ban Renewal Act of 2007:
• In September 2004, the assault weapons ban on the manufacture and sale of 19 specific militarystyle
semi-automatic assault rifles and copycats expired. This bill simply renews that ban with a
straight reauthorization in order to keep military-style assault weapons and high capacity
ammunition clips off the street.
• No authorization.
By the way, I have no idea what "No authorization" means in this context.

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Well, the full text is up and it doesnt look good. I like how he hides the AWB amongst the other crap, there is alot of stuff on there that hunters would lose too. Bolt-actions and lever-actions among lots of older stuff. So I guess with the hunters always saying "they are not after our guns", that is gonna come back to bite them in the butt. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c110:1:./temp/~c110mpVDxX:e524241:

Heres a small piece of this crap :


(a) Study- The Attorney General shall investigate and study the effect of this subtitle and the amendments made by this subtitle, and in particular shall determine their impact, if any, on violent and drug trafficking crime. The study shall be conducted over the 18-month period beginning 12 months after the date of enactment of this Act.

(b) Report- Not later than 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall submit to Congress a report setting forth in detail the findings and determinations made in the study under subsection (a).


This subtitle and the amendments made by this subtitle--

(1) shall take effect on the date of enactment of this Act; and

(2) are repealed effective as of the date that is 10 years after that date of enactment.


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Sorry bro, I didnt know it does that. I will do it right next time:)

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Jeez... he coulda saved a couple of trees and just wrote "all the guns" :scratch:


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Not on the list...

Well, I'm safe for some guns:

IBM M1 Carbine
Quality Hardware M1 Carbine
Marlin Lever Action 1894P
CZ custom built
There also is no mention of any flavor of M1 Garand, so my H&R and Springfields are okay, too.

However, I'm surprised to find a long discontinued Remington Nylon 66 which is a .22 autoloader. Maybe mine doesn't count because it was made without a serial number...

Regardless, why have all the bolt and lever action rifles listed? I thought this was an "Assault Rifle" ban?

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OtherguyOverby said:
Regardless, why have all the bolt and lever action rifles listed? I thought this was an "Assault Rifle" ban?
I believe this to be some sort of "divide and conquer" ploy. I suspect the author wanted essentially everything listed with the assumption that negotiations would take place to remove the "sporting" firearms from the list and keep the Fudds happy. The obvious problem, however, is that the political elites would appear to ultimately be seeking the banning of all firearms from ownership by the general public. Remember, if "evil black rifles" are banned, it is only a matter of time before prized hunting rifles become labeled as "sniper rifles" and shotguns are characterized as "mall massacre machines." It is truly the most slippery of slopes.
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