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Keep the 1050, and keep the 650 too! No, I let my 650 go when I got into a little used 1050 and never looked back. I too had sticker shock when I figured up how much it would cost to get set up in the 6 calibers I load. I then went through the manual in the back where it shows all the parts needed for the conversions and figured out which individual parts I needed for the conversions. Cost me $160 for all the goodies instead of buying the whole caliber conversion kit from Dillons.
As far as being difficult to switch calibers, I find that it takes me 15min. or less to tear it down, clean it(important!) and set it up for another caliber. I refuse to spend 150 buck or whatever it is for another tool head. Wasnt bad on the 650, but not for the 1050! I was lucky to sell my 650 set up for what I bought my 1050 for, good luck to you. Once you get the 1050 set up you will wonder why it took you so long to get one, and you wont want to be without one. I saw your post last night and couldnt get to the bench to post until know. I knew someone would help you out. Enjoy your new toy, DC

front sight is good, front sight is good!
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