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Dinner, whiskey, and 1911's

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/nerd session activate

What a night. A great dinner. Great wife. Great whiskey and a dash of 1911's to finish it off.

I offer you the main course of grilled ribeye and onion, roasted asparagus with onion and garlic clove, tomato slices with balsamic reduction and fresh merlot parmesan. Dessert is a taste session of two rye whiskeys with a side of stainless 1911's.

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/end nerd session
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Wow! I grew up in NM, and had to look that one up. Kinda figured it was probably in that area tho. Beautiful for sure! I miss NM but it has been running too far left to move back. We do visit a lot though. Took the travel trailer to a campground in Alto, south of Capitan and Lincoln up in the mountains heading to Ruidoso.

Yeah we really love the "ski up hop on lift with no wait" routine. We know several people on a first name basis that work there after years of going there. It's skiing, and it is cheap compared to a big resort.
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I am going to smoke a chuck roast at 250f this week. I don't use one at home but at work we have a pellet smoker. It does pretty good for a low maintenance solution while working.

Start it late morning, by 5pm its ready to rest in a small ice chest, wrapped in foil. By 7pm when dinner is ready...watch out.
Nothing better than hanging out on the back patio, grill fired up, sharing a nice bottle with the SO and/or best friends.

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