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Discoloration of slide on blued LDA

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I have a blued LDA 14.45 and when I shoot it, the end of the slide gets white in color. Is it normal? Does this happen on all blued Para guns? Is this due to poor quality of the metal? Is the stainless metal quality better? Thanks!
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Originally posted by Patrickl:
I must be missing something I see no mention of this in the article.
Darn. I can't get to the Para site from here at work. It's the article on the LDA 7.45 "Torture Test". Try this link:

He talked about how the end of the slide got white (temporarily) after repeated firing. He also talked about cooling it down with water.

Another thing that was discomforting to know was that the dust cover warped. Granted, it is a "Torture Test", but I get the feeling the steel quality could be better than it is.
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