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Disconector-Which one has the largest tip?

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I need to know who makes or has the largest dia. tip on their disconectors. I have a norinco and was trying to fit a Brown disconector in it but it kept hanging up inside the bore when the the slide was cycled. The original has a dia. of .156 while the new brown has a dia. of .155. I even polished the egdes around the dia. to no avail.
-Yes, the other surfaces are polished so no, its not hanging up somewhere else.

I figure with a larger dia. tip it wouldn't get cocked and stuck in the bore.

Am I on the right path?

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Yea, I measured the length and it is about the same. The only part thats longer is the paddle where it contacts the trigger bow.
Being a couple thou longer in this area wouldn't affect the disconector hanging up in the frame bore because it just slides up by the bow and the spring.

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