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Good question and a lot of good answers.

You will see some gunsmith's stake the top of the disconector forward by swaging metal behind it, also some will swage in front of the hole. The Click is anoying. Yes.

If you get carried away and make it to tight you will make it so the top will not pivot and you can not pull the trigger (don't ask why I know that

There is long disconectors. 1.315 ish.
they are long intentionally. choose between the disconector stoping it's upward movement on the sear pin OR it stoping inside the slide's cut out. If your going for a really light pull you can sometimes feel the bottom of the disconector drag across the sear pin. With the long one it does not touch the pin.

try polishing the back of the trigger where it meets the disconnector, the front of the disconector where it meets the trigger, the back where the angle meets the sear spring, the top of the sear spring leaf where it contacts the disconector. SLIGHTLY round the top of the disconector so where it hits inside the slide it does not dig or scrape the inside of the slide.

Hope this helps
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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