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Discontinued Tools

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When placing a recent order with Brownell's, I was informed that the Tom Wilson Lug Cutter and the Cherry Corners 1911 barrel alignment blocks are "discontinued by the manufacturer". I am just getting started and would like to have these tools. Does anyone know of other manufacturers of similar tools? Making them myself is not an option at the present time.
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Call the manufacturers direct. Just because Brownells quits selling it, does not mean it is not still being made.

Chris from va
Chris, do you have a # for wilson, Brownells doesn't have his sear jig anymore either.
Brownells gave me the number for Cherry Corners, which I promptly called. It has been disconnected.

Kart also makes a barrel alignment block, it's aluminum and included in their EZ Fit barrel tool kit. At this point, it seems to be the only other option.
Nowlin makes a barrel alignment gauge, Do you guys think this will work?
I just got off the phone with brownells tech support and the guy there said that they will be producing a lug cutter and an alignment block in the future as these are essential tools.
Looks like I got the troops moving on this one. Brownells gave me the number of Wilson, but I have not called yet. Its 800-992-9249.By the way, it appears that Brownells web site is implying the Cherry Corners S&W 9mm alignment block as fitting both the S&W and the 1911. It does not fit my Commander 9mm barrel. I think that when they ran out of stock on the 1911 block, they forgot to alter the web page. Thank you all for responding to my very first post on this forum.


"You never know 'til you find out." Erik Vines, Age 3
Cherry Corners made separate blocks for S&W 9mm guns. Not the same as 1911. I have no doubt that Brownells will manufacture/sell these under license if someone else doesn't.
Tom Wilson made a lot of different tooling for handguns. I hope someone picks up his designs as well.
I spoke with Tom Wilson today. He is a very nice guy.

He is still making the lug cutter and his other tools, they are available directly from him. Just call him at 800 992 9249.

FWIW I like his lug cutter and highly recommend it.

MD Labs/Mad Dog Knives
I was all in a tizzy after seeing this, and called Brownell's to try to order a lug cutter. They told me there was one left. Not any more, as it's being shipped to me. Good to hear that the tools will still be available from Brownell's or direct from Wilson.

What I've learned from all this is to hoard the stuff I like before it gets discontinued!
Strider, I am glad to hear this as the guy at brownells (who obviously was mis informed)
said that Tom wilson had passed away and was no longer in the gun biz.
My first call on mon morning will be to him!!!!
I wonder if I'll need a psychic to get thru.
Harley 45, he might have been thinking about Bud Brown of Cherry Corners. I read some where on the web that he had to quit gunsmithing due to carpal tunnel.Did not hear that he passed away though.
Looks like Hilton GZ got my lug cutter!
Some of the smaller manufacturers discontinue selling to Brownells because of small margins from what I have been told by some.

Nothing against Brownells at all by this. They have to eat too. The gun business is pretty tough.
Brownells has a policy.
if a product does not sell 750.00 profit per colum inch per catalog the part gets droped.

Just contact the manufacture, many more times than not your favorite tool, part, or jig is still being made, just not carried by Brownells any longer.

In the past 10 years we have probably had 50 parts droped. fortunatly we have a couple still in there

Tools typically sell well the first 2 years and drop off. The hood length gauge sold over 100 per year for the first 2 years, and was droped, we still sell 35 per year though.
geo ><>
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George is correct. We have also had quite a few products cut from Brownells catalog. Before we had a web site there was not much of a way to sell them once they were dropped from the catalog. I suggest searching for web sites of the manufacturers, I know some don't yet have sites but I know of quite a few guys are working on getting one up. The tool market is a very tough market to be in as George said, hot for a while then you fill the need. We have just finished a cool project for the home Pistolsmith. We just did a 1911 barrel fitting video. It is the first video I have done and I am waiting to see the finished version. I did learn one thing, I should not quit my day job, LOL!
God Bless
Jack Weigand
Weigand Combat Handguns
Jack, would that be the one about how to use your barrel fitting fixture that I discussed with you via email several months back? Please tell me yes! I'm a "tool fool" and just can't stand to not own the jigs/fixtures/tools for the guns I own/work on.
Spoke with Tom Wilson this A.M. He has about 18 Lug Cutters left in the .187 dia, and none of the .196. He told me that after these are gone there will be no more from him.

The video. Delivery all depends on how the finished product looks, LOL! I have not seen the final product so I am not sure. And for BBBBill, yes it was your idea, LOL! The video company is editing the product as we speak but I am not sure when we will see it. I will post here when I have product to ship. As long as no more footage has to be shot I don't think it will be long. Just keep in mind this is an educational video not a Hollywood production. Ok thanks for the interest.
God Bless
Jack Weigand
Wow! I actually had a good idea!
I'm gonna have to call my Mom and let her know that I'm not a total waste. Great work Jack! I'll want the first one. LMK the price as soon as you know.
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