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Do gun mods hurt you in court?

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I've posted this in sveral forums to see if there was any kind of consensus about this.

The basic issue is, if your carry gun has a modified, lighter, smoother trigger, are you likely to face a difficult time in court if you use this gun in a justified shooting.

Here are some examples:

I bought my Beretta 92G Vertec from Langdon Tactical Technologies before Ernst went to work for S&W. I had him put in his "carry" trigger package consisting of a limited overtravel trigger, smoothed action and slightly lightened. It's a dream to shoot, but the DA trigger is still around 8 pounds and the SA around 4.5 pounds.

I sent my Sig 226R to Sigarms and had them do a carry trigger job consisting of smoothing and lightening. The trigger is around 8# DA, 4.5# SA.

I sent my XD Bitone to Springfield armory for their carry package consisting of lightening the trigger, decreasing overtravel and of course smoothing it. Trigger pull is about 4.5#
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Modifications to a firearm do not turn an otherwise innocent man into a murderer. If you are legally justified in your actions to shoot someone, then the weapon (and its modifications) are irrelevant - same with your choice of ammo.

A one OUNCE trigger is not going to go off by itself. You still need to pull the trigger, and if you are justified in doing so, then YOU ARE JUSTIFIED IN DOING SO.

It is YOU and your ACTIONS that are on trial - not your weapon or ammunition.

We have simply far too many of these discussions. Thread closed.
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