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Hello KenH...
Quality of Colt's finish slipping? I have seen many of the Colt 91A1s in stainless and matte blue. The fit and finish of the current crop of Colts is the best that it has been in many years. I have yet to see a bad finish on an out of the box 91A1 or a Gold Cup Trophy, even with Colt's financial problems. Nearly 50% of the new Kimber Eclipse II guns that I have handled, out of the box have had a thin, scratched finish and real creepy triggers. The Kimbers at $350 to $400 more than a 91A1 should be pristine, in my experience nearly 50% are not. Amazing when you consider Kimber doesn't have the financial problems of Colt.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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