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Originally posted by Simian:
Anyone want to try and convice me or give me a helping hand here?

Quite the contrary! I would love to see yours.....for about five minutes and perhaps fire it a couple of times (if you really insisted) but not own it.

I think I have this straight tonight but like many I suspect I frequently cross the line between reasonable and unreasonable when it comes to pistols.

If I bought a 1911, it would either be to collect (and occasionally shoot) or shoot and carry a lot but not both.

If I was buying a "collector" it would have to be an original; the real article; preferably with a story behind it. When you held it you could imagine who may have used it and for what purpose. You would have a piece of history in your hand which might inspire a little research into the background. Yeah, I might (probably would) fire it a few times but it wouldn't be as much fun to fire as my modern 1911s. No Videki trigger, beavertail safety, night sights, etc.

Now if I bought it to shoot, I would want the afore mentioned features (Improvements).

A reproduction can't (IMHO) fill the role of either a collector (It ain't actually been there) or a shooter (It lacks the modern improvements needed to make it as enjoyable to shoot).

This is someimes hard for me to remember when I am standing and looking at a beautiful old piece but wanting a shooter.

When a pistol can serve as both, it's great but this is not often the case.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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