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Does anybody know for sure?

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I keep hearing that John Moses Browning designed the BHP as well as the 1911. From looking at both pistols I cannot believe that he did both. I cannot believe that he designed the BHP after the 1911 because in a number of areas the BHP seems like a step backward. Specifically the trigger linkages and the thumb safety do not reflect forward evolution from the 1911, or even the Browning style.

Can I get an AMEN on this or am I missing something?

I have heard that he designed the BHP but because of failing health it was finished by a Belgian assistant.

Better days to be,

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The double-wide magazine was Saive's. Apparently, Browning was constrained in his design by patents, held by Colt, on his previous designs. So, the HP had to be a new design, and not necessarily a better one. The patents ran out after Browning's death, ans Saive integrated a lot of 1911-ness into the gun before it was produced.
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