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Swaging was done by devoted shooters during World War II when bullets were not available. Using fired .22 rimfire cases for jackets, they could build some pretty fair bullets. At least they were better than nothing.

Modern jacketed bullets are so well designed and produced that no home reloader could come close to the quality, and certainly not for the price.

Lead pistol bullets can be swaged, but, as WP pointed out, the set-up is expensive, and you have to purchase consistent diameter soft lead wire to fit the machine.

Cast bullets can be as good as most pistols can appreciate, and better than most shooters. You can use scrap lead wheel weights, and the set-up is inexpensive.

Swaging is for the advanced experimenter, usually a bench rest shooter, who wants to relearn all the lessons himself and has unlimited time and money to do so.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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