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Does Anyone Use 10 Rnd. Mags for CCW or Self Defense

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Since I prefer the feel of single stack 1911's, I've been considering getting some 10 round mags to use mainly for home defense, just to have a few extra rounds.

Does anyone use the 10 rnd's for this purpose? I have never used them in my 1911's and my only reservation are various stories I have read and heard of their questionable reliability.

Also, between Chip McCormick, Wilson and Ed Brown/Metalform, which do you recommend?

Thanks for your assistance.
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I personally don't use the 10 rnders. I read the review a few months ago in Combat Handguns I believe it was. Think the Chip McCormick got the worse review. Let me dig the article out and I'll let you know.

The defensive firearm is a special-purpose piece of safety rescue equipment, designed to extricate a person . . . from the immediate threat of savagely violent crime. It is like the fire extinguisher. . . . Neither piece of equipment will do you any good if you don't know how to use it or are not psychologically prepared to face danger with that gear in your trained hands in a terror situation.
Nope... Not even for "Games", although I am not Shooting "Limited 10", probably the only place I would use them.

Of the dozen or so I have, I mostly use them for Range Practice... Figure I can "burn" them up, and have to stuff as many full, even makes a 50 round box come out even...

They are nice, but sticking out like they do, I just don't like them... Too much chance of the "Free End" fouling on something when I really don't need it.

I have carried them as spares for defense. If you only carry one spare mag, a 10 rounder is not a bad thing. Any shot you get after 7 or 8 (depending on what your regular mags are) is just a bonus round. I would not carry one in the gun or as the first spare mag unless it was the only spare mag.
They won't fit in my duty pouch, but in open top pouches I usually carry Wilson 10's. The length doesn't affect concealability in the 'down' direction, and if they don't poke you in the ribs, it doesn't matter how much sticks out on the 'up' side. Mine (I have 5) have never failed me.

Believe it or not, about the only thing I have trouble with using the 10's is tactical reloads. They get real clumsy doing that for me.
I have Wilson's 7-rounder in the gun with Hydra-shoks; 8-rounder with Speer 200 +p and 10-rounder with Texas Ammo 45 Super Express in double mag pouch.
I use a Mec-Gar 11-rounder in my "house gun". I've been using the mag in IPSC matches for four years, and have never had a problem with it. For carry, it is way too long.
Originally posted by SELFDEFENSE:
I have Wilson's 7-rounder in the gun with Hydra-shoks; 8-rounder with Speer 200 +p and 10-rounder with Texas Ammo 45 Super Express in double mag pouch.
Just curious, why the different ammo types for one carry method?

"Double-action in an auto pistol seems to me an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem." -Jeff Cooper G&A mag Oct. 1973
I keep CMC 10s in my jeans pockets, one each side, feed lips down.

I'd be interested in seeing the review of the CMC 10s - the 2 I have have functioned flawlessly in a Kimber compact AND a fullsize.
Played with the Wilson some, but never could justify the extra length for carry.
Yeah, the sticking out deal isn't appealing. Just something else to go wrong, it isn't designed to shoot 10 rd magazines (even though it does without a hitch) and doing that adds another variable that could go wrong (you never know, these things can be finiky with the 7 & 8 round magazines depending on the make) Stick with 7 rounders maybe 8 rounders, you can always carry extra mags. It's not like you will be constantly firing 1 round after another in a confrontation, and as a trained ccw holder you won't be firing indiscriminantly, (at least that is the thinking).
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