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Does my Baer frame look normal?

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This pic was taken after 1100 rounds. The finish on the right side of the frame rail is worn off but the left side is not. I was wondering if this is fairly common or unusual.

So far it has 1500 rounds now and it doesn't seem to be wearing (or getting) any worse.

This is a view of the frame from the top.
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Robert Hairless said:
No apologies needed. Your frame looks blurry. That's not the way it's supposed to look after 1100 rounds. Are you using hot ammunition? If so maybe the frame is melting.
Actually it might be all the missing parts, I think. :p

Seriously, it depends on the finish, the rail area is going to get a lot of wear until it smooths itself out through use. It may be that the finish was thin there, and the worn steel shows through.
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