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The Cleaner

no offence but I don't think there is a great danger of the gun rusting out and compromising the structure of the gun, there are some pretty rusty 85 year old 1911 that still go bang just fine

Sniper is right, SS used in guns is usually 416, machineable and magnetic, has fe in it.
and it is Just stainless.
(meaning it is not 300 series. but 300 series is not heat treatable so not a good choice for slides and barrels. 416 does have sulfer in it making it more easly machined. And not partucularly tough.

one thing to watch for, if you use break cleaner or gun scrubber it takes the oil out of the pores of the metal. You really want to get an oil coating back on before you finish cleaning it, or storing it. (happens on hard chrome sometimes too)
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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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