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I posted a couple of months ago that I had cleaned my barrel, after 1000 or more rounds of moly/poly "black bullets", by merely scrubbing it lightly with a bore brush. I cleaned my barrel again, for the first time since that last post, and after over 500 rounds, and . . . Same thing. 15-20 strokes with a dry bore brush, and there was not a trace of residue in the bore. I was paying about $60/1000 for Precision bullets, but found a local maker (masterblasters.com) who sells them for $44/1000 (no shipping) for 230gr RN and TC. These are not "moly coated" bullets; they are completely encapsulated by a hard "plastic" coating that contains a molybdenum lubricant. They are as easy to handle and load as jacketed bullets, and are as inexpensive as cast lead. Try them.

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Originally posted by Billy Ray:
I pay $30/1,000 for cast lead and have no cleaning issues (just BoreSnake then some Hoppes on a jag).

Billy Ray
yes but.....do you get lube smoke when firing the bullets? I've just picked up some of the bullets that Rick was talking about (in 200gr SWC profile) but have not tried them yet. I've shot LSWC up to this point and in some cases of speed shoots where your standing in one place, the lube smoke can obscure what your shooting at.

....just a thought.
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