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Double Eagle

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Anyone have any experiences with these? At first glance, the one I saw kinda looked like a Smith. What's the trigger like and what, if any, modifications can be done?


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I`ve got an Officer`s Double Eagle, and it`s OK..Colt quit making them some time ago. Trigger pull ain`t too bad, I really did not like the trigger guard so I rounded it off. Seems like the prices on them are going up due too collector intrest I guess. You can`t do anything about the grips, or the 1 piece plastic main spring housing..
Hi Birch...
I have a Combat Commander DE. Double action pull is long and realtively heavy but single action is really nice. If you buy, make sure it's the "Series 90 MK II" version. Improvements were made after the "Series 90" was introduced. Good shooters and they're a genuine Colt.

I have the full DE full size and its darn good shooter. The double action trigger pull is long, not real heavy and easy enough to control. Single action is real nice, better than some other 1911's I have.

The top end is pretty much 1911 while the lower is a new host of parts and pieces. Not much can be done to the lower as no after market or modification replacement parts are available for the DE. Colt introduced this, so I have been told, to make a run at the military handgun trials. I really dont know about that part.

The biggest problem most folks have with the DE is the sheer size or it. Even in the Commander and Officers version its still a darn big gun.

Mine shoots great, doesent get much work other than to show, lots of folks never heard of the Double Eagle.

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The DE wasn't made for any military trials. The reason for the confusion is that it was Colt's first STS DA auto since the experimental SSP 9mm, which WAS made for the military trials during the 1970s.

The DE is a decent gun, but I think the biggest reason why it failed commercially is that to many eyes (including mine) it was just too butt-ugly looking.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website
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These were decent guns, but never got any respect because they didn't "look" like a Colt 45 auto. DA pull was good, SA was good, reliability was good, decocker ala Sig, was good, but the whole double action thing kinda looked rinky dink. Colt could have/should have done a much better job with the styling on their first production double action

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Originally posted by dsk:
The DE is a decent gun, but I think the biggest reason why it failed commercially is that to many eyes (including mine) it was just too butt-ugly looking.

Hi DSK......
The DE kinda grows on you after awhile. Hold it in your hands on target and it looks just like a 1911A1.
I currently have a S&W 1076. How similar are they?
Too bad Colt didn't just license the Seecamp conversion; the DE loses the Seecamp's ability to carry cocked & locked, while also raising the bore line relative to the hand. The Seecamp also had all of the mechanism under a thin sideplate, rather than making it semi-external as on the DE. It doesn't seem to really be any more rinky-dink than the Beretta 92, though. A 10mm DE sat in a local gunshop for over five years. I looked at it every week, wondering if the price was ever going to drop below $700. When the "Colt's not selling . . ." story hit the news, the gun was gone. I think the main problem with it was everyone who wanted a Colt .45 wanted a 1911, and everyone who wanted a DA service pistol wanted a hi-cap 9.
Just goes to show that timing is everything. A nine round Double Eagle Officer ACP doesn't sound so bad now compared to the early 90's when the trend was 15 and 16 hi-caps in 9mm. With the 10 round restriction, it just shows that Colt once again was 10 years ahead of the curve.
I carry a full size DE series 90 every day all day. 100% reliable with what I feed it. I've installed 18lb. Wolf spring to reduce recoil and increase reliability. It is bigger than standard 1911 configuration and fatter in the grip. Thin grips are out because the grip is part of the retaining structure for the DA transfer mechanism. Very few options available for this pistol as there aren't enough around.
The DA trigger is as good as almost any I've tried and better than most. The original DEs were terrible but the Series 90 is fine.
I shoot it almost as well a my SA Colt 1991.
I like the matte/blasted stainless finish as I carry in IWB tucked in an Action Direct Defender so there is often skin contact.
The only mods, other than the mentioned spring, would be low drag sights and maybe polish feed ramps. I also use Wilson mags.
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