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I carry a full size DE series 90 every day all day. 100% reliable with what I feed it. I've installed 18lb. Wolf spring to reduce recoil and increase reliability. It is bigger than standard 1911 configuration and fatter in the grip. Thin grips are out because the grip is part of the retaining structure for the DA transfer mechanism. Very few options available for this pistol as there aren't enough around.
The DA trigger is as good as almost any I've tried and better than most. The original DEs were terrible but the Series 90 is fine.
I shoot it almost as well a my SA Colt 1991.
I like the matte/blasted stainless finish as I carry in IWB tucked in an Action Direct Defender so there is often skin contact.
The only mods, other than the mentioned spring, would be low drag sights and maybe polish feed ramps. I also use Wilson mags.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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