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Drop-in hammer/sear/disconnector kits

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My current 1911s are Para and SA, both fine pistols with no functional problems.

Both came NIB with crisp triggers, but both released the sear at about 7# pull weight.

Both went to a local pistolsmith for 4# trigger jobs, but the crisp release was replaced with perceptible creep before sear-release.

What I would like to accomplish is a 4# release with a nice CRISP release.

I'm considering trying hammer/sear/disconnector drop-in kits by such vendors as Dane Burns, Nowlin or others.

I'd very much appreciate any comments of advice.
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Hmm.Are you sure the creep wasn't masked by the high pull weight?If he didn't replace parts,4lbs should have been fairly easy to obtain with a little polishing and some spring work.I'd find out what was done.To me,adjusting the original parts is a gravy job and would rather do that than replace them if possible.
Are you sure the creep wasn't masked by the high pull weight?
Very often the case. Older Colts (pre MIM) were easy to tune if you have the right jigs/fixtures. I Haven't been happy with the results on the S80s that I've tuned using stock parts. just couldn't get the right finish on the engagement surfaces.
I can say that the Burns "Kit" is worth the price of admission.

The quality of the parts are superior to anything I have seen over the course of some 20 years around the 1911. The pictures that have been posted barely tell the whole story, these things are just sweet!

I installed my set in my LWT Commander yesterday morning, along with a new Wolff Leaf, and while the Trigger pull is quite high, there was ZERO creep. The Trigger broke extremely clean, and was very impressive.

As soon as my trigger pull scale gets here, I will be adjusting the leaf down for a 4lb pull, but I am very sure that even at 4 lbs, it will feel much less...

What struck me most, was that I have shot one of Dane's Full House guns, and while that Trigger was lighter than my Commander, it did not feel as Crisp and Clean as the Commander, with the new Hammer set. I am guessing that the quality of the metal may have been a factor in this.

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Originally posted by jaydee:
I can say that the Burns "Kit" is worth the price of admission.
Is there a web site I could look at / read about this kit?


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Baer, you can find it over on pistolsmith.com under custom guns, BCP Ignition System.

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