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I wouldn't be worried about the parts, they're most likely top-shelf, though Drop-In is subjective, as long as your gun is identical to the jig the used to finish the set, then you'd be fine, but that's unlikely, so slight variances will exist.

You'll probably need to tweak the left, possibly the middle finger.

How'd the trigger bow fit, was is smooth when installed backwards, pr was there some tight spots?

What you've done is upgrade your stock parts with hi-quality stuff that may need some final tweaking for your pecific application.

Much like going out and buying the latest and greatest Mondo lift camshaft for your Chevy Small block, you may need to blueprint the assembly, as the Cam Bearings may be slightly out of wack, causing some thrust, and even some run-out.

Drop-in is close to stock, but usually the tighter tolerances make it a crap shoot, on whether you will need to do more work, or not.
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