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Dye a Spark’s SS?

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I have a Spark’s Summer Special that I won at their 50th Anniversary Celebration/Shoot. It has the carved top. I have not used it much as all my leather is black. After getting a Nighthawk Officers Bull I find that I like carrying it in the SS even though I normally use a Criterion or 55BN.

So I have been thinking of dying the top band and belt loop black. Am I crazy for doing this to a fantastic holster?

If my cover garment should blow open a little the brown band and loop seems more observable than the gun.


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I remember when you first posted photos of that holster. It’s a beauty.

It may be a challenge to do it yourself and get a good result. Maybe give Sparks a call and ask if they can dye it and what turnaround time would be. (I’m sure you’re anxious to carry that new pistol.)

If the belt loop is removable, another option would be to order a black loop. It would not accomplish your goal completely, but might be a decent compromise.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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