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The leader in tactical real world kinetic conceptual battlespace application of critical stress.

And of course pie.

Slicing and eating the pie.

When a standard kinetic response to a threat is not yielding a positive effect on target, SOP should be to utilize the Sweep the Leg Drill. Moving from conventional gravity zones to the legs immobilizes the target, allowing for a cascading system failure of the threat's combat chassis.

With mobility exploitation of the target, follow up evaluation becomes easier for ballistic tasking.

Depending on operator's munitions platform, ordinance delivery system, and battle operations spectrum- the Sweep the Leg Drill can be augmented with a maximum impact combatives package.

This drill is shot initializing at 7 yards. When the audible synaptic response module is triggered, the operator will advance and engage all targets in tactical order within designated weapon system deployment area.

Target matrix is aligned to replicate real world inner and outer global conflicts, where assaulter assets would encounter a diversified threat environment encompassing terrestrial or extra terrestrial threats.

For effective employment calculations must be made using either analog or digital means, bringing to bear maximum accuracy and fight stopping potential for unsighted target discrimination and prosecution.

The correct use of blind fire is a low risk high yield tactic that delivers game changing potential for asymmetric battle space supremacy, gaining residual operational capability for plus up of ground assets.

Due to the user friendly nature of this TTP- theater level interoperability, compatibility, and integration issues are minimized allowing ease of organizational and multi-level communication for blue force partners.

When operating within permissive threat matrix environments using combat effective blind fire allows an individual operator to maintain a more positive battle space assimilation posture.

Reduced sized targets are a value added force multiplier in any systemic training package.

Our patent pending diminished target unit allows the individual operator to zero their weapon system where distances are limited by range space.

The ability to neutralize this target at 1 yard guarantees the same skill and ability to kinetically strike the equivalent sized target at 500 yards. A clear understanding is often hampered by tacit assumptions and urban myths- for example a cone of deviation that distance would introduce.

Our extensive multi-tier assessment has proven counter conclusive and has shown that using this target system is superior for plus up of individual kinetic capabilities and can be used to fully replace all long range marksmanship initiatives.

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kinetic conceptual battlespace
standard kinetic response
conventional gravity zones
cascading system failure
combat chassis
mobility exploitation
ballistic tasking
munitions platform
ordinance delivery system
battle operations spectrum
audible synaptic response module
designated weapon system deployment area
target matrix
outer global conflicts
diversified threat environment encompassing terrestrial or extra terrestrial threats
employment calculations
analog or digital means
unsighted target discrimination and prosecution
asymmetric battle space supremacy
residual operational capability
plus up of ground assets
theater level interoperability
permissive threat matrix environments
positive battle space assimilation posture
systemic training package
diminished target unit
cone of deviation

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watched those the other night. Talk about fun at the range! hahaha!
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