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I just returned from having two pairs of EAR Insta-Mold ear plugs made. I don't know if you know about their plugs but the Insta-Mold plugs sit in the wrinkles of the outer ear and a small plug goes only a short distance down the ear canal. The plugs can be made in various colors and can be made to take cords if that is what you want. (I do and did.) They offer plugs that glow in the dark or change colors as you wear them, and plugs that have noise filters or electronics. The process takes about 1/2 hour for a pair to be made and the plugs are made from medical grade silicon.

You will have to go to their web site, www.EARinc.com or call 800-525-269 to find a provider in your area. The man who made my plugs said he sets up shop at some of the big shoots.

I recommend the plugs highly, they are comfortable to wer and work well in keeping the noise levels down thus protecting your hearing.

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I cant say enough about good hearing protection, wish I had done it years ago.

My audiologist tell me that plugs are not good but are better than nothing. The best betis the headphone type that cover the ear as well as that little bone behind the ear that will really take a beating it left unprotected.

When I got me hearing aid I also got a set of the molded plugs and wear them with my headphones.

Take care of you hearing or learn how to say, huh?, what?, hows that?, whadyasay?.

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