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Early slide lock back AAAARRRGGGGHH!

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Help! The slide on my BHP keeps locking back early, and at the most inconvenient moments, to boot! I used it in an IPSC match tonight and it was just killing me. About every 3-5 rds it did this. I'm pretty sure it's not my off hand pushing the slide stop up. Could it be the mags? Anyone know a quick/good fix for getting this to stop? I know that 1911 stops can be dimpled to correct this problem. Is there a BHP equivalent?

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My first recommendation is to change your grip. The slide stop/release on the HP falls very close to my thumb and I have to be careful to not engage it accidentally.

Try a grip change and let us know if it helped.
Hello. Unlike the 1911, the HP's slide stop lever has constant downward pressure from a detent in the pin portion of the stop that meets a spring-loaded ball in the spring guide assembly. I've have never seen one of these go bad, but I reckon it could happen.

Try the following: With the HP empty and the magazine removed, push up on the slide stop lever when holding the slide back. The lever should pop back down when you release it.

If it doesn't do this, the detent is not engaging the spring-loaded ball. I've seen this happen when some have put the spring guide in upside down. Usually, however, the spring guide breaks with the first shot. There is usually a crack in the donut shaped area of the guide through which the slide stop lever pin passes. If this has occurred, you will need a new guide and they come with the spring-loaded system intact.

Otherwise, I suspect you may be bumping the lever with your off-hand some way.

Best and good luck.
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