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The difference between the Supermatch and the Eclipse sights, is the Eclipse has adjustable night sights and the Supermatch has fixed night sights.
Super Match is Kimber's finest Custom Shop pistol. It has all the features of the Gold Combat, and includes a stainless steel slide finished in KimPro and a stainless steel satin-finish frame. Also included is the Kimber adjustable sight. Tested for accuracy, the Super Match must shoot a fifty-yard group measuring less than three inches, and the test target is packaged with each pistol.

Custom Eclipse II has a match grade five-inch barrel with match grade chamber. It is the first Kimber pistol to include adjustable Meprolight® night sights.

Pro Eclipse II has a match grade four-inch bushingless bull barrel with match grade chamber. It features fixed Meprolight® three dot (green) night sights.

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