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I agree with AndABeer. Don't worry about the MIM parts, MIM is a good method of manufacturing and they will stand up to a ton of shooting. The bushing is properly fit, so an oversized one on a new pistol is unnecessary. Kimber does have an issue with some of their adjustable rear sights, but they have been working on this for a while. So the bottom line for you will be to buy the pistol if you want it, and don't replace anything until it breaks, if it ever does.

AndABeer is correct the Kimber adjustble sight is different than a standard Bomar. But Kimbers are so popular that Bomar is now making a rear sight that will fit the Kimber slide cut. So if you ultimatley want to change the sight it will be easy for your gunsmith to do.

The difference between the Supermatch and the Eclipse sights, is the Eclipse has adjustable night sights and the Supermatch has fixed night sights. As you mentioned the Supermatch also has the extended magwell.

I hope this helps.


The best handgun for self defense, is the one you have with you.
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