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Howdy everyone. :)

Out of curiousity, I picked up two of the Tripp spring kits for the Wilson/McCormick mags to try out with my Eclipse Pro II.

Using Wilson 8 round mags with those kits installed, the gun absolutely refuses to eject almost every round. The casing is completely extracted from the barrel, but resides flat high up in the breech with the next round pressing hard on it.

I then tested by replacing the springs with the original Wilson springs, still using the Tripp followers. This helped some, but most of the casings still refused to eject. It didn't matter if I shot live rounds, or hand cycled using live and aluminum dummy rounds. Once I put back the original Wilson followers in the mags, the gun worked flawlessly.

Anyone else used them and hand any problems or info to share? I didn't buy them to fix any problems. They were pretty cheap and I decided to pick some up just for grins. Unfortunately they brought me no grinnin'.
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