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EEZOX question

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Almost finished my first bottle and really love this stuff...I recently ordered more and find the consistency different from my original bottle...Original is the consistency of motor oil, while the new stuff is thin like penetration oil...What gives??...Can someone else who uses eezox clue me in.....
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I think I got screwed at the gun show..I'll bet that's a first...Eezox is heavier than water and thus easily displaces it. With that in mind I put a drop of the gun show stuff in water and it floated,,,I then put a drop of the new Eezox (I got from RF Holsters) and it sank straight to the bottom..Who the hell knows what I've been using??...Probably motor oil mixed with a bit of Eezox because it still has that sweet Eezox smell..No rust on my guns thankfully...The only difference between the two plastic brown bottles is the gun show stuff had a brown cap.....
Eezox will dry some with age.

What I have found is that by the time you get to the bottom of a can (especially with the 20oz bottles) the liquid is thicker and more viscious. This is because the stuff was designed to dry to the touch so it will evaporate given enough time.

Once I left 1/2 a 4oz bottle in a hot car and it thickened appreciably.

I think the world of eezox and use it on all my carbon steel guns. I have found the aerasol cans are better cause the shelf life is longer.

Eezox works better with each application, so try not to strip it with gunscrubber or other harsh chemicals. In the wintertime I usually leave my guns on top of the radiator cover overnight, which will cause the coating of eezox to dry real nice. A sunbeam in the summer will do just as well.

Take care,

Ted Murphy
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Well, I'm sold.

Uh ... but no one mentioned where I can get this good stuff.

Anyone want to be a pal and tell?

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
Mystery solved.....Finally got through to EEZOX HQ...They said some of the 4oz plastic bottles allowed the cleaner portion of the formula to evaporate over time...They said they fixed the problem and sent me a new bottle for my trouble...BTW the old bottles have a brown cap whereas the new better sealed bottle has a white cap....jp I get my EEZOX from www.rfholsters.com
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