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Awhile back, I ordered one of EGW’s initialed-plug and bushing sets. It was a bit different from their stock offering in that I had already flush-cut the muzzle, and instead of their stock oversized set, I needed a bushing of standard thickness. They did me one up. http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=177915

Well, I ended up not building the gun I had planned, so the set sat in my parts box for awhile. Recently, I decided to try it out on another pistol I had built. I was pretty sure that the fit would not be exact because one of the neat things about the EGW set is that you can actually specify what ID and OD you want and have the set cut for your specific pistol. Since I’d be trying it on a pistol other than the one I’d initially intended it for, obviously, I didn’t expect the fit to be exact.

And, it wasn’t. Specifically (and thankfully), the ID of the bushing was too tight for the barrel on this gun, and that allowed me to open it just enough to be a nice, precise fit. The OD, though, was another matter. The OD allowed no lateral movement of the bushing in the slide, but it did move vertically just a hair – about the same looseness as a factory pistol.

I continued on anyway, though, and when I assembled the pistol, I found that the bushing and plug set afforded me a VERY tight interface between the busing and slide! Now, how the heck did THAT happen?!?

The reason was pretty easy to see. The set is designed so that the ears of the bushing fit into a precisely cut slot and groove area on the top of the plug. That’s so that the muzzle presents a slick, uniform look. As a result, when this pistol is locked into battery, the muzzle components are nice and tight. Of course, it makes sense that since you can order the EGW set with a specific ID and OD, this upward pressure should make no difference in how tight the muzzle is at lockup. However, in my unusual case, where I used a set cut for one gun on another, it offered me the unexpected benefit of overcoming just a hair too much vertical looseness. I’ll be interested to see if the range verified what I think has happened.


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