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EGW Over Sized Firing Pin Stop

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Does anyone have any experience using the EGW OS Firing Pin Stop? The one with the square corner on the bottom. It is supposed to delay the unlocking of the barrel to slow slide recoil. Concept sounds good. Any real world experience with this in a full sized 5 or 6 inch 1911? Has anyone chronographed their rounds after installing one of these? Any affect on bullet velocity?
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It is a good piece. I use it in most of my 1911's.

How would this part have anything to do with bullet velocity? What this part does is allow you to increase locktime slightly, by putting resistance lower on the hammer (towards the pin) as the slide cycles. I think this is why you may be thinking that velocity will be affected. The bullet is already well down the barrel however, before any unlocking occurs - with this FP stop or anyone else's.
I have used it in several of my 5" guns and my Lightweight OACP. The OACP showed the biggest difference in felt recoil and recovery time between shots. It made a dramatic difference that I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't experienced it. That EGW flat bottomed firing pin stop is a must-have for running a hot 10mm on the 1911 platform. I just converted a Kimber Stainless Compact from .40 S&W to 10mm. If not for the EGW firing pin stop and a 25 pound mainspring (not recoil spring), I wouldn't have been able to pull it off. Great product. Five stars.
I have the EGW stop in every gun in which I shoot full-power ammo. I think it is most effective in guns with lightened reciprocating parts and guns operating at higher pressures than .45 ACP.
Great product, slows slide recoil velocity, ejected brass isn't dinged, combined with a full power mainspring insures good primer strikes, and a 16lb recoil spring doesn't pound the slide stop.
It's a good quality part and I like being able to fit it to the gun for close tolerances. I think having the bottom more square is best suited to the higher pressure and heavy loads. I did some experimenting with a 9mm with the square bottom and found that my split times between shots went up with the square bottom. The square bottom isn't needed for the little 9mm. For the 10mm and 38 Super, I would give it a try. Even if you go back to rounding the bottom, it's still a good quality part.
Thanks for all of the feedback. I ordered the part today and will check it out. Going to try it for 230gr hardball loads.
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