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A question was asked by one of the members about how another member with zero posts could sent him a private email. Here is the answer and how to make your email address (and the ability for another member to send you one), and how to fix it.

Go into your "USER CP" from the top bar on the forum, then scroll to "EDIT OPTIONS" on the left of the screen and click on it, scroll down on that page to "MESSAGING & NOTIFICATIONS", and look at the box for "RECEIVE EMAIL FROM OTHER MEMBERS" to see if it is checked. If it is checked, any registered member can see your email address in your user profile when they click on your user-id in the contact info box. If you unclick that box and scroll down to the bottom and click on save changes, you can then click on your user-id and see that the option for other members to send you an email is gone and it does not show your email address to anyone looking at your profile.

If you click on your user-id before making this change, and click on the "Contact Info" tab, your email address shows up with an option for members to send you an email. All you have to do is the above, and it will not be visible to them and they will not be able to send you one from the forum, nor will they be able to see your email address to send you one from their private email.
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