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Just got a call from a local sales rep. Wants me to test this stuff on the range with my class. Our guns spend alot of time in the dirt and CLP works but is not ideal. This is suppose to be the best of the best. If so I figured some one from this board must be using it. Any input is appriciated.
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Been using it for 6mos. great stuff,little bit goes along way.
Very good "stuff", a little goes a longway and the gun is easier to clean up after being Militeched
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Teddy Jacobson of Actions by "T" gave me a sample when he did an action job on my Colt Gov't Model. It seems to work very well and stays where you put it.

All the oil I've used seemed to work OK though. Maybe I am just not too demanding.
People on the Kel-Tec Owners Group forum rave about militec (sp?). Where do you get it, and what does it cost for how much stuff?
I used it for a couple of years, and it a good lube, but I found kel-lube to be far superior. you can get it at brownells and sinclair int.
I am active duty so I located the NSN and ordered two cases today. Will give it a try and see how good it works. Have been using CLP for years and think it is ok but always looking for something better. CLP loves to hold on to dirt and grime and can be a problem. I am told they have a web site that should not be to hard to find.
I started using it after seeing it recommeded on the Beretta Board. Bought a "Sniper Pack" and after a year and a half I still have half of the large bottel left. BTW I only shoot about 2 or 3 times a month and atleast re-lube after each session (2 to 3 pistols). SO far I've been very pleased.

The web site is http://www.militec-1.com/index.htm

-- Chuck

Been using it for over a year...first heard abut it here, I Think, (or was it "The Firing Line") stays put and has made cleaning easier on my Kimber 45 Custom Target, and my Taurus Raging Bull 44 mag.
I will admit to having to use stonger cleaning "stuff" on the Taurus, but for moving parts (i.e. parts is parts, Militec-1 keeps them moving smooooothly.
I also have used militec-1 and find it to be an excellent lubricant . HOWEVER, it is only a lubricant. and should not IMHO be compared with CLP (which also cleans and protects). If your looking for a better "CLP", try FP-10 from http://www.mpc-home.com/fp10.htm .

At the risk of sounding like a dummy, I don't understand what makes one lubricant necessarily better than another one. If the label say "firearms," I give it a try. All the major brands seem okay to me. Militec-1 stays where I put it. In other words, it does not run off. This quality is good. Yet, Breakfree's LP lubricant (not CLP, which is a different item) performs in the same fashion, so I am happy with this stuff too. In contrast, Hoppe's Bench Rest oil with Weatherguard is thin and runs all over the place. I use it when lubricating a firearm for storage. When I pull that pistol out for use, I re-lubricate it with Militec-1 or Breakfree LP. FP-10 is in-between these two and the Hoppe's Bench Rest as far as thickness goes, but it performs well in the sense that it stands up to a couple hundred rounds of fire without going dry. Of course, Rig +P grease always goes on the slide rails.
We carry it in at the range. Got myself a big 16oz bottle of it. Should last well into my children's mid 30's :D

While you can use it in a pinch as a cleaner it comes into it's own for it's lubricating ability. I remember reading somewhere that it works better when you "bake" it on. IIRC you lightly coat part then place in warm ie 350 degree oven for 1/2 hr. This allows the Mil-Tec to penetrate into the grain structure of the steel. Again I can't remember where I saw this so don't try it until it's confirmed.

Either way it's good stuff.
I bake Militec onto all of my folding knives.
Yes I have heard of Militec. I'm a Militec dealer. I'm also a FP10 dealer. With Militec, what makes it better than "most" lubes is it gets into the pores of the metal. To do this, it has to have heat and/or friction. Preferably heat and friction, but one of the two is better than none. If there is no heat or friction and you just put it on and then wipe it off, it does nothing more than every other type of oil. It has to have heat and/or friction. I called Russ @ Militec and asked if it could be applied with a Dremel cotton buffer wheel on knives or such that have to way of creating heat and friction and he said "yes" and that would work, instead of baking it.

With guns, you put it on and shoot the gun. The heat and friction of parts moving against each other makes it bond to the metal and treat or condition the metal. It is good stuff.

In my opinion, years of LEO experience, IPSC experience (Grandmaster class) and gun junky, FP10 is the ****!! It is a CLP and FANTASTIC lubricant. Follow Iceman's lead and check out the website, www.mpc-home.com

It has been tested by an independant lab and beat Breakfree 50:1 in the test. Great stuff, you won't be sorry.

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I've tried and tested most of the lubes out there, and I've decided on FP-10. It outperforms any other CLP, oil, or grease on ASTM wear tests and cleans/protects very well. The best CLP going. MPC has excellent customer service, too.



To buy FP-10 online:


Mil-Comm Products TW-25B, not Militec, is what the US Navy is using on their weapons. The so called NSNs for Militec are under the automotive application classification for good reason.

Don't be fooled, get some 25. www.mil-comm.com

www.dillonprecision.com sells it, as well as www.glockmeister.com
Militec-1 is issued to the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Treasury, the DEA, and several other federal agencies as a weapons lubricant.

Several different lubes carry a NSN, from MPC FP-10 to the aforementioned Militec-1 and TW-25B, and are purchased at will by various government agencies. Lots of different lubes are in the supply channel, and the companies love to use this as promotional data, ie "Navy SEAL issue", etc.

All of the products mentioned are good lubes, but with very different properties. Try 'em out and pick the one that suits you best. I prefer FP-10 as it is a CLP. Those who want a lube/protectant only can do no better than Milcomm's TW-25B.

I buy my TW-25B and Insight cleaner from Mr. Cohen @ Best Defense.com. Great prices and service.


Best regards,
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FYI on TW-25B: It is used by almost 2 dozen firearm manufacturers and customizers, smiths and pros. I just found out Vang Comp and Gunsite use it widely, and they sell it too.

I read that the US Special Forces are using it right now overseas in this months issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT.

How much testimony does one need?
I've tried some TW-25 on my two Glocks, and it seems to work well. They are easier to clean after I shoot. My manual for my Kimbers says not to use grease, but to use oil. I've been using CLP on them, and they work just as well as my Glocks. Why is it that Kimber says not to use grease, and does either one of those greases have any rust/corrosion protection?
One shouldn't really consider TW-25B as a grease. Kimber doesn't want you to use a thick gooey lithium based product. TW-25B and Tetra G can be used on any type of weapon with excellent results. Don't forget that both FTI and Milcomm make an oil.

TW-25B provides good rust protection. The guys at Gunsite love the stuff. Even Louis Awerbuck recommends it!


Militec-1 works, TW-25B works, Tetra works, FP-10 works, Break-Free CLP works. So does two dozen other lubes out there.

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