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Expected more velocity - wrong expections?

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My pistol is a 1991A1 Colt Compact (3-1/2" barrel). The most accruate load that I've been able to work up is:

6.0g 231
200g Hornady XTP
1.248" OAL
Crimp: .470"
New Remington primed brass

I load on a Dillon Square Deal, but alway hand measure the powder charge, so I'm sure its exactly 6.0g.

My only problem is that I expected to get a velocity of about 840 fps but I am actually getting an average of 759 fps (quite consistantly too - twenty shots had a high of 775 fps and a low of 754 fps).

Two questions:

(1) Would adjusting my seating depth or crimp increase the velocity or is 759 fps about all I can expect from a 3-1/2" barrel?

(2) Should I try a different powder and if so, what? [The reloading manual that I am using cautioned against using more that 6.2g of 231]

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Yes, increasing seating depth may help. Also try a faster burning powder (my favourite is Alliant Red Dot.) A faster powder will burn faster, allowing all (or most) of the powder to ignite before the bullet has left the muzzle.

Change one variable at a time however. Try OAL first, then try a faster powder.

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Received the following response to a question that applies to your question:

Any of these powders can be used.
As you can see from the data you will be able to achieve basically the same
Velocity pressure ratio with all albeit at a different charge mass.
The faster powders is more economical and usually cleaner burning being more
However they will be less forgiving re mistakes and high pressures.
The opposite is true for the slower burning powders.
It depends what you prefer
The data is available in our no 2 guide which you can order via our website www.accuratepowder.com

Johan Loubser
Ballistic lab manager
Accurate Arms Company
Propellant division.
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