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Experience with this Colt?

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Any body have any experience with this www.colt.com/colt/html/a2c2_speccomgovt.html ?
or know the price?

I sure would like to give my support to Colt right now. Any info will be appreciated!
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Tony Mantemora has a few listed for 1050.00, looks like a decent gun for the price. http://www.sportsmensexchange.com/automatic.htm or you can call him at 888-416-7666 or you can try Bob Swenson who is always in the Gun List.
A shooting buddy has one. It is a beautiful, straight-shooting piece. He cut a deal to have ivory grips put on it by the distributor, and it cost only and additional $100-$125. Great oooh-and-ahhh factor.
I like mine extremely well. The fit and finish (IMO) are the best I have seen from Colt since the 70 series first came out. Mine is Satin Nickel on the frame and Blue on the slide. Barrel is stainless and shoots into 1.5" - 2" at 25 yds if you can hold it well enough. Trigger is 4.5# and crisp. It cost me $1400 (yes, I could have bought a Wilson with similar features for a little more, but I like my Colts).The Bomar's are nice and long needed. Although the cut is not the more detailed "hidden" type of milled area, it is cleanly done. I have zero complaints with the gun's function, fit and value for the dollar. It has had 1500 rounds of ball with no FTF, and 400 rounds of Gold Dot with no FTF. The magazines would not eject on their own at the gunshop, so I just use my old Wilson's. I would tell Colt to take the Shooting Stars that come with the gun and send them back for a contract with Wilson. I use my SS mags for paperweights.
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