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EXTENDED slide release pin for TRP

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Does any body has one? What brand, model, make?
What about the one from KING's at Brownell's...any modifications required? How does it feel with the extended pin. Is there any interference between the extended release and the safety being so closed?

Please help. Thanks.
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I'm not a slide release/stop expert, but I've read mostly bad things about them. It seems they can cause the slide to lock back (from popping up) before the last round due to their inertia (from the extra weight). I had one, but changed it to a standard type after reading about possible bad qualities. I'm sure other members of this forum know much more than I, and may have actual experience.
Hmmm...I'm not sure if I understood the orignal post now that I re-read it...please excuse me if I got off on the wrong subject
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Don't waste your money. Good gun handling technique will handle the problem and you can spend the $20 bucks on ammo.
I put King's extended slide release on my 1911A1. It works fine. A file and a little patience is all you need to install it.
A file for what part. Please explain in more detail.

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The point where the slide stop meets the follower in the magazine has to be fitted for each gun for the slide stop to function properly. Below are King's installation instructions:

Instructions for Installing #202 King's Extended Slide Stop

1. Make sure the pistol is unloaded, and remove the magazine.

2. Take care not to remove too much of the slide stop catch.

3. This is an easy installation if you are familiar with the workings of the Colt pistol.

4. Install, and re-assemble pistol. Test for safe function.

5. Due to wide variation and quality of magazines on the market with sloppy followers, check if follower is engaging stop properly and not overriding. If overriding, gun will not stay open on last shot. Select good quality magazines.
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