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External Extractor (CII) FPS detent tool

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Anyone know of a Firing pin detent depressor so it takes less "hands" to reassemble the slide of an external extractor Kimber? First time I cleaned the extractor it was pretty frustrating to have to depress all those springs (firing pin safety, firing pin, extractor) and slide the assembly together Sure wish Kimber had figured out a way to build the extractor assy so it wasn't coaxial with the firing pin... I have built a crude tool and figure someone has manufactured one by now. I will build a better one if no one knows where to get one.
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There are several old post about this. It's much easier to assemble everything without the extractor and then take a very small screwdriver or pick and pry back the plunger into its hole, drop in the extractor and then let the plunger go to hold it in place. You won't need three hands this way, you just have to be sure to insert the plunger facing the right way so that it is positioned properly to drop in the extractor. You can also remove the extractor by prying back the plunger and lifting out the extractor.
The method I use is as follows.

with the firing pin in place I use my punch to preload it and then push the safety button underneath with the slide stop and push the firing pin all the way in.

then I insert the firing pin stop all the way in pushing the punch as far over as it will go. then I remove the punch and the firing is now resting against the top edge of the firing pin stop

now I place the extractor spring cap( i know wrong term again ) in place over its spring. line up the slot for the firing pin stop correctly and push it down till rests against the firing pin stop.

now SLOWLY pull the firing pin stop back out a TINY bit, while pushing down lightly on the extractor spring cap. the extractor spring cap will slide into place immediately when the firing pin stop clears it. Now push the firing pin stop the rest of the way back into place and WHOALLA. no three hands at all.

I need to video this sometime and do still shots. It is really really easy to do. Since this method's first use I have never launched the spring or lost control of anything doing it. The parts always go back together smoothly and easily. It has made detail stripping and thorough cleaning all that much more convenient.
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After reading McKirdyP's post, I realizied that's the way I assemble mine. I guess great minds think alike.
Yea, I got a buddy who makes videos, I ought to make a picture layout of it and see if they will sticky it. I have seen alot of questions regarding detail stripping the the IIe's, with regards to getting it all back together without a DNA change and radiation exposure to produce extra limbs.
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