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External Extractors are Great!

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I own 5 Kimbers: all four of the Raptor set (man, they are beautiful, and whoa, do they shoot...!), as well as a Team Match II USA. Four of these five have external extractors, the Ultra Raptor being the only exception. I have never had a FTE problem with any of these guns, at all, ever. And I shoot a lot. I am at my local range several times per week.

I also own several other 1911's, including a S&W 1911DK. This gun includes S&W’s version of an external extractor: http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/...angId=-1&parent_category_rn=15709&isFirearm=Y

Truth be told, I have been reading some of these threads with growing irritation. Kimber’s design and functionality of the external extractor is extremely robust. The only way I could imagine an individual shooter screwing this thing up would be to either over lubricate the extractor mechanism (should leave dry), or to just let the thing get way too dirty. Otherwise, this dude will grab onto the shell casing like nobody’s biz.

So what’s up? I for one, do not want to see Kimber give up their betterment of the Schwartz extractor just because of a lot of unsigned (Unter)Tischgespraech on this forum.

I hope this starts a lively discussion, based less on feelings and intuition, and more on our actual experience with these fine pistols.

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Hmmmm... that's true. I wonder if that would have anything to do with it. Does the Hi-Power, CZ and HK use short or long EE's? I know SIGs (Not the GSR) and Glocks do.
Teche said:
Maybe the 1911 platform is just not suitable for EE's. ... Maybe he considered the EE and decided against it for good reason. I do not know.
The S&W, Sig Granite, and Caspian EE 1911's seem to run just fine. Also, the P-35 HP slide is very close to the 1911, and I've never heard of a HiPower that wouldn't extract. As for Browning's reasoning, I believe they specified that 1911 had to be completely disassembled in the field with no tools (including the extractor). Since then, experience has show that this really isn't that important for service pistols in combat - field stripping is adequate for cleaning, and troops don't lose as many parts.
gaspipes, I have a Team Match manufactured in August of 2005. I've put about 550 rounds (several varieties) through it with one little problem - one casing failed to clear the ejection port. It was extracted, it just didn't eject all the way. Gun problem? Ammo? How to know? Anyway, my extractor is definitely a molded unit. If you want me to send some pictures of it, send me a PM with your email address.
Teche said:
Hmmmm... that's true. I wonder if that would have anything to do with it. Does the Hi-Power, CZ and HK use short or long EE's? I know SIGs (Not the GSR) and Glocks do.

It's been brought up a bajillion times before, probably mostly by me :), but another difference is the tension of the extractor claw as well. Kimber's EE is flimsy compared to absolutely any other extractor internal or external that I have tested trying to move with a finger. It would seem that the longer lever gives the more oomf against the weight as it were, i.e. more tension at the hook.

I want to hook up with someone who owns a Glock now to check out their implementation first hand and compare springs etc. The Kahr also has a similar EE and its tension is very tight as well.
is it being suggested that a stronger extractor spring might fix it
or make it more reliable ?

I would like to know the difference in EE tension, too. I think your reasoning makes sense. If the spring is weak to begin with then you lack the ability to extract the case. Has anyone changed their EE springs and noticed a change?

Though admittedly I still need to call Wolf and verify the spring part number, but I believe the one they shipped is correct as it is labeled as an EE Spring for Kimbers.

I first found out about the stronger spring from another thread here in the Kimber forum.
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