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Extractor Problem

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Of the aftermarket extractors, which has the thickest web, ie, where the rim rides against. I have a SA 1911 which I cannot get enough tension on the rim of the cartridge. I tried an extractor from an old Colt 70 series and it is the only thing that works so far, should I try Wilson's bullet proof or Ed Brown's ? The stock SA was screwed up from the factory, looks like someone took a file to it, and cut off too much metal twords the hook and it doesn't have enough material to hold the rim. Thanks
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That is exactly why it has enough tension,the area behind the hook the pad,is wear at times you need to dress down to bring the hook closer to the firing pin hole increaseing the tension.Getting the corect tension on the extractor is part bending and part fileing the radius on pad.If you purchase the Wilson bullet proof extractor the instructions included outline this fitting process.Ocg1911
Thanks, I was just looking at Wilson's page and ordered the extractor and slide stop, both bullet-proof. Tried fitting an old extractor that I had lying around, and that one now works also. Again thanx
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