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extractor question

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I haven't recieved any responses from two other sections of this forum so I thought that I would come to the professionals--the Gunsmiths!

How many rounds fired does the average, high quality extractor last?

I had my cheap, cast extractor break. I ordered an Ed Brown Hardcore extractor. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow. Any thoughts?

thanks in advance for any help/info/tips/advice,
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If the extractor was installed and tuned correctly (no overbending and then bending back)you can expect up to 20,000 rounds on a good extractor. It really doesn't pay to use a cheap extractors as it is probably the most common cause of failure in 1911 style pistols. If you are a competition shooter it is a good idea to change extractors every season.
Thank you for the reply. The cast extractor came stock with the gun and I heard that it would fail sooner or later. The Ed Brown extractor came in today. I can't wait to get back on the range. Thanks once again!

good shootin', gf
Gary, your comment about changing extractors every season is a serious argument for AFTEC extractors. I haven't had a failure to extract since I made the change.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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