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Factory Browning Hi Power Mags for sale

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Howdy everyone, I just traded my new Mark 3 on another gun and I kept the magazines that I had bought for the gun, my plan was to keep them in case I ever buy another HP, since then I've decided to sell the magazines too. I have 3 factory Browning 13 round mags. They are the heavy duty mags with the light grey phosphate finish on them. I'm asking $60.00 apiece for the factory mags. These are NEW, UNUSED mags, they've never even been loaded. I also have 5 Mec-Gar 13 round mags. These are new mags with the blued finish. I purchased a pack of the pachmayr bumper pads from cylinder and slide and put them on. They are nice and protect the mags from damage in case they get dropped on the ground. I have 5 of these and am asking $45.00 apiece for them. These are also NEW, UNUSED mags. perfect condition. purchased new and never used. I also have one Mec-Gar 20 round mag. I purchased it new and shot one magazine through the gun with it to test its reliability. I'm asking $60.00 for the 20 round Mec-Gar. I'm also asking that you pay the shipping which can vary depending on how you want it or them shipped. My e-mail address is [email protected]

Thank You,

Larry Campbell
Troutman, North Carolina

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Hello, sir. Hopefully, you'll be able to sell your magazines quickly.

Let me respectfully suggest that we all place such advertising in the appropriate forum. I note that this gentleman has done so.

This thread is locked here, but up and running in "Gear & Accessories for Sale."

Best and good luck.

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