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Failure To Feed,Revisited.

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It happened again. After having a failure to feed problem,round not going in the chamber all the way, I sent my Springfield Mil. Spec. back to Springfield. They replaced and tuned the extractor. Went shooting last Monday. I shot 100 rounds Federal 230 gr. ball no problems. 50 rounds S&B 230 gr. ball no problems. 100 rounds Speer Lawman 230 gr. ball and had 12 or so failure to feed problems. Its the same type of problem, with the slide locked back/open I put a full mag in, release the slide and the round doesnt get pushed in all the way. Total rounds to date 1050, all 230 gr. ball from the above listed manufactures. So I guess Ill be sending my gun back to Springfield.
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Geezzzz...So you shot 200 or so with no problem and then "it's baaacckk"! Criminy...My SA had a bad extractor and ejector...There may even be MORE stuff wrong with it...I'm goin' shootin' this weekend with Trophy Shop and some other CO buddies from the forum...It's close to the river...if it acts up too much, maybe I'll let it swim to Geneseo!

That's too much...Dave Williams runs the Custom Shop there, did you speak with him by chance?
If not, it might be worth the try...His e-mail is:

[email protected]

Good luck...Let us know how it's resolved...Man I hate to hear things like that...;(


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The way your post reads you had no problem until you started using the Speer Lawman AMMO!!...I would leave it out of the equation and try again...My Kimber will feed anything reliably except the Lawman...Get one or two FTF per box..
thats what i was going to say, take the lawman out of it and see if it goes back to working.

the springfield my brother has seems to have been fixed by polishing the barrel out. but we had trouble with diff ammo, diff magazines and such. so before you do anything drastic check the ammo out.

russel the cop

There were some folks discussing this issue in the Wilson forum recently. There were some feed issues with a couple of WIlson pistols and Speer Lawman was involved. IIRC, there were several responses complaining about the Lawman ammo.

Like CJ and Russell suggest, drop the Lawman for awhile and see if the problem goes away.

Curious - Will the rounds chamber if you push the rear of the slide forward or are the rounds jamming 2/3 of the way in or so? If they will chamber with a little push, it may be a weak recoil spring and/or a tight chamber and/or ammo that isn't crimped or is out of spec.

More info, please...do the stuck rounds hang up after they are actually in the chamber, or do they hang up while they are ramping into the chamber? If former, the chamber may be undersize a bit. If the latter, the barrel needs some ramping to remove the sharp edges. If you have a caliper, compare the Lawman rounds to your others; you may find them a little longer or a little fatter than the others.
I think I will stop using the Speer Lawman. I only have 50 rounds left anyway. I might use that as a test box later on. I have 1000 rounds of the Federal. Ill be shooting that or the S&B from now on. Haven't tried any other brands yet.

As far as the feed problem the rounds hang up approximately 1/4 inch from full battery. Yes I can push the slide forward with my thumb and the round will chamber fully.

One of the rounds however would not go in no matter what. I took it out and noticed the bullet had been pushed back into the case a bit. Bad crimp?

The Federal and S&B feed just fine. The gun seems to be a little looser now after 1050 rounds.

Now if I can just hit the ten ring at 25 yards!
Originally posted by SDDAVE:

One of the rounds however would not go in no matter what. I took it out and noticed the bullet had been pushed back into the case a bit. Bad crimp?
You may have hit on the problem. The Lawman may not be crimped as tightly as the others. Your chamber may be a little tight for the Lawman.

Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!

So, basically, for a tight chamber problem, Springfield replaced the extractor! Hmmm.
Hey how about some of that Wolf Ammo to ream that chamber out ?
ON those rounds that don't feed, especially the one with the bullet pushed back into the case, where was the mark on the bullet (top. botto, left or right side), what shape was it?

When I went through my feed problems described elsewhere on this forum, the mark on the bullet was slightly curved, and conformed to the curve of the bottom of the throat.
I didn't notice where, or if, there were any marks on the bullit, and I dont have it any more. I have one box of the Lawman left and if that happens again Ill be able to tell you.
Feed Ramp-

Having same problem you described. Bullets hanging up at throat, leaving semi circle on lower edge of bullet. What was cause? Solution? Thanks.
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