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Failures to feed

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My Series 70 .45 was throated and had ramp polished years ago before I bought it. Never failed to feed anything, including flying ashtrays. First failure was a couple weeks ago with CorBon DPX 185 gr. I figured that was because the copper bullets protruded a tad further than usual.

Today I tried some Double Tap 230 gr Gold Dots. Right frisky rounds, they, with advertised velocity of 1010 fps. First 10 rounds worked perfectly. Accurate, too. Then they stopped feeding.

At home, I tried feeding Black Talons and Quik Shoks, with same result. Only Blazer roundnoses would feed. I disassembled, and everything looked fine. There's play between the chamber and ramp, but I never looked at that before, so I don't know if it's looser than before.

I'm thinking the bbl/slide linkage maybe has loosened up a tad, creating enuf of a gap between the chamber and ramp to hang up all but the roundnose bullets.

Any ideas? I love this old gun. Just had a set of Big Dot night sights installed. It belonged to a good friend who passed away about five years ago. He used it in competition in the '70s to good effect. He called her Esmeralda. I do, too, when we're alone.
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Before assuming or spending significant $$ on any tuning, borrow some other mags and/or try fresh springs in yours...and be sure to clean out the tubes.
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