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Fair price for Ultra CDP?

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Looking to get the ultra CDP I've seen them from anywhere between $900 to $1100 whats a good price.
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I got mine a year ago for $840. The guy I deal with usually can usually get the best prices. You might give him a try. His name is Tom Harris of Sporting Arms Company. He works out of his home. No overhead etc. His webpage is www.sportingarms.com. You can click on "Request a Quote" to let him know what you want. You might mention that I gave you his name. I have been a customer of his for several years. Hope this helps.

Mike Wilson
I saw them for sale this past weekend at a gunshow for $835 + tax.
Sorry - the $835 price included night sights - I couldn't tell which brand they were.
The CDP's all come with Meprolite night sights... I think Kimber is not the exclusive distributor of these sights so it makes sense.
I got mine about 9 months ago and paid a little less than $900.

Pricey?! Yes, but no regrets ... envy of other pistols like H&K's Tactical, sure but no remorse.

Are older non-series II models more or less expensive than the new series II models?
I paid $890 for my Ultra CDP back in March. I've seen them as low as $845 around here, of course that was after I paid $890 for mine.

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I bought a kimber ultra cdp in 45 .about one year ago. I sow the dealers invoice 835.00 So anythang over that ,use your own judgement.

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