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I honestly do not know if this was a mistake on Colts part ? Or that they got the greatest customer service of all time? But I got a great story to tell.

I purchased the CGP ($1300) at a local gun shop knowing full well I would need to swap the single saftey for an ambi since I'm a lefty. Took the gun to a local smith who did such a horrible job installing the Kings safety that the gun was virtually useless.

Sent the CGP to Colt, told them the full story, and would they install some decent safties that work.

Well they did.........at NO CHARGE to me.

I mean this was not a warranty issue since the gun came without ambis anyway, they didnt have to do it for free.

They put on a non-combat style of saftey (smallish looks like early Colt) and appologised for saying it was the only one they had that would work ( slim grips)

I like the safties, they work great, and cant beat the price.

Thanks Colt

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Supreme coolness. :cool: Good to see that Brand C has Brand K completely beat when it comes to Customer Service.
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