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fastest holster for IDPA CDP class

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I am short waisted and looking for something that clears the holster at or below the bottom of my belt. I have heard good things about wilsons tactical assault, helwegs new tactical kst-c, and Kytac's sooper hooper. does anyone have any experience with any of these holsters? also, Kytacs Kytac 1 looks pretty fast, does anyone know if it is IDPA legal?

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Go to the IDPA website. Look up the rules. IDPA is simple when it comes to holsters. If it ain't listed, then it ain't legal.
I have the Wilson Tactical assault and the Hellweg K series Tactical concealable.
The Helweg holster is no longer on the list of approved holsters, it is adjustable for rake making it illegal.I got this info in an email from IDPA headquarters yesterday.The Wilson holster is well made and concealable but I do not think it is very fast. I ordered a Blade-tech for my Kimber. I have 1 for my Glock30 and I am very happy with it as far as the speed issue goes. I would not recommend it for carry
When learning with my Galco Leather holster, I was going from holster to ready to azone hit in about 3 seconds.

When I got my Kydex holster from Comp-tac (http://www.comp-tac.com), that dropped to an average of about 1.5-1.7 seconds.

Some practice helped, but the holster clears EONS faster.

BTW, I'm shooting a Springfield Loaded and a Kimber PRO CDP out of it.


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The Comp-Tac Locking "Tactical" Paddle is very popular in our local clubs. The Comp-Tac gear is as nice or better than Blade-Tech and costs less. Plus if you have a Glock or a 1911 just about any model will be in stock.
"Kytacs Kytac 1 looks pretty fast, does anyone know if it is IDPA legal? " I dont belive that the tac 1 is legal. The Kytac sooper hooper is just like the tac1 except the holster comes up to about a 1/4 inch below the chamber. This is all of the information i have gathered so far. I plan to by one for idpa when i am finished working on my custom 45. Hope this helps. If you do get one let us know how you like it. Charles

I see many top shooters using the Kydex straight drop holsters. Blade Tech is the preferred brand, but the most expensive.
ok, heres where im at. the blade tech isnt cut enough for me, the Kytac 1 isnt legal, checked with IDPA and even though it is advertised as legal, the helweg kstc-c is not legal, the Wilson ive heard isnt that fast, so Im pretty much down to the SOOPER HOOPER, I am just curious how high it rides above my belt, I am short waisted and dont want one that sits real high, I am hoping the SOOPER HOOPER will clear the holster at the bottom of my belt. I would really like to hear from someone who has one.
Mr. Pitiful,
You may want to check out http://home.earthlink.net/~mikebenedict/talontactical.htm.
Mike Benedict is a moderator here, and a 4 Gun IDPA Master. His Kydex holsters are super fast and all are IDPA legal. The A10 is probably what you want. We have timed Mike wearing his holster in 1 shot draws, he can get the gun out on target in 0.6 second, is that fast enough? I can usually get a Glock out of his holster in under a second.

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Send me an email and let me know what you have in mind. I can probably fix you up.


Mike Benedict
Custom Kydex Holsters

Talon Tactical Holsters
Thanks Mike, I sent you an E-mail.
Hey Mike,
They have computer up there in Montana?
Originally posted by Ricky T:
Hey Mike,
They have computer up there in Montana?

They've got one computer - it's Mike's turn to have it this week.

Steve "About to be shot" G.
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Fast for competition ? That would be Kydex!!!! without a doubt. I like my Blade-Tech, but there are other brands.
Ask Ricky T about the one he has. I think it has sealed ball bearings in it for the lightning draw. We're still waiting to see one fo those from him though.
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Do I understand this correctly? The Hellweg KSTC holsters are not legal for IDPA because they are adjustable for rake, but for example, the Uncle Mike's series 54 holsters (which are adjustable also) are legal? Is it because the Hellweg is too adjustable? If so, then why not just enforce the existing rules for proper wear? ("All holsters/ammunition carriers must be worn in a manner consistent with everyday concealed carry use." IDPA rule book updated 05/02/01) It seems that would set the limit for cant. If we can't tell by looking that the cant is too extreme, then how do we know any other holster cant isn't too much?
Not complaining, just trying to understand.
My understanding on the Hellweg holster is that it's illegal because it sits too far away from the wearer's body, not because of the cant.
according to helwegs web site, the holster, the holster sat too far away from the body, so they talked to Ken Hakathorn and found out that more people are "short wasted" so thats why it can be adjusted for hieght, and then goes on to almost say that they developed this holster along with Kens input, and now sell it wit two base plates, the original and a concealment baseplate that puts it closer to the body so it is now IDPA legal. but when I called IDPA i was told that it is not. which is weird since this is a new model and new base plate since last year, and it is advertised as "legal" If in fact if it is not Brownells and Helweg should revise their websites before we all shell out $69.00 for a holster that isnt legal like they claim. Now I know about the article in the IDPA Journl where Ken sais he changed his mind on the holster and it is now ILLEGAL, but I understood that this new base plate came out after wards and changed that. I dont understand why they make it legal, just like certain revolvers, then change their mind for some reason and make the $500.00 GUN WE BOUGHT FOR IDPA illegal. Boy for a group that wants to not make this an inexpensive sport for shooters, theyve cost some of us a good hunk of change. Thanks
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I just got a Sooper Hooper (Ky-Tac 2 belt model) and love it. I see a lot of them on shooter's belts at IDPA matches. I shot a match today with and drew very fast. Too bad I can't blame the Mikes on the holster.
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