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Feed ramp dimensions

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Over on the Reloading forum, we've been having a discussion regarding the use of CAD software to show where different bullet shapes should hit the feed ramp, and how that relates to overall length, etc, etc. We may have a volunteer to do the engineering/CAD work, but he wants to know if there's a mathematical formula for the feed ramp curve or a measurement grid for same. Anybody know this piece of 1911 trivia?
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too late to look up
from the top of the rails to the bottom of the feed ramp a good working # is .420
the opening in the frame is .550 ish so the cutter used to cut the ramp in is slightly smaller than this but probably larger than 1/2" dia cutter the grip frame iirc is 17 1/2 degrees and the feed ramp on a 45 I think ( I can check tomorrow for you ) is 32 deg
hope this helps
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I will edit tomorrow if I am off (which is likely
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Doesn't your "Plate" have holes setup to hold the frame at the correct angle for re-cutting the feed ramp? I found a pair that gave me 32 degrees & found it to work great!

If any of you 'smiths have not checked out the tooling that EGW sells, you should. George makes some excellent fixtures, tools, etc. that will make your work a lot easier! Now, when are you going to make those extended ejectors in stainless steel? Us guys that build Commanders and Officer's in stainless could sure use them


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Thank you John.

Yes that is where I remembered the # from.
I checked a print this morning and it lists 31 30' so that is pretty close.
We need to do a new tool sheet to send out. IF any of you Gunsmith types need one email me your address and I will happly send one out.

One new tool is a firing pin stop gauge, fits into the slide to tell you how wide to cut it. milled to .474 76 78 and 80 and hardened.
One of my buddies just called and said I need to weld them together better
said it was stuck and when he hit it with a hammer it broke appart for some reason.

I just have not had enough guys ask for ss ejectors, sorry. Plus the heat treat would be an addational batch so it would be more expensive.

thanks again
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