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Feed ramp problem-Kimber UC

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I had my first FTF today while breaking in my new Ultra Carry, at round #96. (I know; I've got a ways to go... :), and I'm new to the 1911 )I noted, while cleaning the barrel, that the lip of the feed ramp had been *preened* upwards a bit, by the cartridges, during feeding. It appears that during polishing of the feed ramp that the leading edge had been polished down nearly to a * knife edge* that must have hung out, a few thousands, over the mag well. It looks like the feeding catridges have been catching that very fine lip and had roughened it up so that a few sharp bumps are sticking up. The FTF catridge had scratch-like marks, at the bullet crimp, that matched those *bumps*. It looks like those were just enough to direct the shell too much upwards.

The next magazine full fed OK.

My question is this. It looks like it might be a rather simple job to smooth down the *preened* edge VERY carefully with a Dremel tool, then polish that area with the Dremel. Is this the correct approach?

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Just my opinion...you do what you want to do...but if it were my gun and it was screwed up right out of the box, I would make Kimber fix it. I would even call Kimber and tell them how disappointed you are that the gun left their factory with this flaw and request a pre-paid shipping label be mailed to you. This way there would be absolutely no cost to you. They would have your gun back to you within 7-10 days as has been my experience.
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