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Stepen: I wonder if the FEG is reliable with HP ammo?

Have you ever seen the SA made SENTRY round?
In my 15 years of associtation with S. African Police
officers. I've learned that the issue PMP hardball is:

A. Proven time and agaian to be a poor manstopper, often requires multiple shots just to subdue a suspect.

B. Works splendid on the thin skinned automobiles
in that country.

Due to urging from myself and even more prolific persons
such as Mas Ayoob... for a better duty round with more
stopping power and less overpenetration on combatants.
What was hoped for in a JHP load for officers in a USA
mode. The end result was somewhat of a surprise:

The SENTRY load resembles the old GECO BAT round of GSG9
fame. Being optional or approved duty ammo. The streetwise
cops that can afford it. Have found it to deliver awesome
stopping power..but still have good tactical penetration.

A perfect compromise if there was ever such in a LE duty
load. Civilian shootings have mirrored those of the SAPS.
"Dynamic" is the best way to describe it. Low recoil and
superb accuracy are it's other qualities. FMJ profile allows
it to feed in a variety of SA weaponry, including the MP5s
used by the Highway Patrol and Special Task Force. Or
the UZI copy or Walther MPL as used by some officers.

Sadly, there is only one source for it in America. Thus,
it is too exotic to be considered a contender for duty
or ccw carry. At only $20 per 50, one can experiment
with it.

Check it out: www.dansammo.co


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