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FFL Question for y'all

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Just a general question for y'all. Has it been your experience, in getting parts that require an FFL to ship or acquiring guns out of state that require an FFL to ship, that it is easier to obtain an FFL and handle it yourself rather than going through a dealer? It just seems that it might be easier to get an FFL and handle it yourself. Opinions? Are the requirements for an FFL hard to achieve?

Sorry for the ignorance but just thought I would start here and ask. Love the site...thanks
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It would probably be easier to find a friendly local FFL than to get your own. If there is a gun shop you tend to frequent, if you ask nicely, they'll probably be happy to handle the occasional gun for you.

As to getting an FFL, I would check the BATF website, but I believe that you must now have a seperate place of business (seperate from your home) to get an FFL.

Billy Ray
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