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Finally got my BUL to the range! Report

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Yeah Baby!

Brought along two boxes Armscor 230 FMJ and a box of CCI Gold dot 230gr. I actually had a third box of the Armscor but wisely left it in my car based on some advice overheard here not to overdo it. That was very good advice as my accuracy began to suffer after two boxes.
First Impression, the 45 kicks a little more than the 9mm for sure, took a few rounds to get comfortable with it, then I began to work on my aim. I had no malfunctions at all throughout testing. Ran eight rounds of the Gold Dot through and they worked fine. Armscor, no problems either through 100 rds.
Balance in my hand was excellent and as was pointing ability. The only fly in the ointment was a rear sight that was noticably off-center, to the left, and my shot's were hitting to the left until I started to compensate for it. I will have the shop I purchased it from adjust the sight. I feel this gun is much more accurate than the Ruger I traded for it and as such was more enjoyable to shoot. It is certainly more accurate than me.
My groupings were pretty good at 7 and 15 yards which is all I tried today. I have not fired a weapon in 18 months and before then over three years. I am a beginner. My groupings on a Outers 25 yrd pistol slowfire target at 7 yds were mostly (90%) in the black 7 to bull area with an occasional flyer here and there do to flinching. All were kept within the rings. I'm pretty pleased with that for now. Out at 15 yards with 8 armscor shots I got two nines, one eight, one six, three fives and one flyer an inch outside the rings. The Gold dots were my last eight shots and I was all over the place from the bull to three inces outside the rings. I was definatley losing accuracy at that point and called it a day.
There was a guy shooting when I was who had two glock nines and a Sig 45. He said he shoots once a month but I was shooting tighter than him. He did not go beyond 6 yds and routinely was outside his target!
I am really pleased with this pistol and I will start going at least twice a month now. It's funny how the Ruger made me NOT want to shoot, and this one has me jazzed about it! That's the best compliment I can give it.
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Nice report. If your comfortable with it is the main concern. And it sounds like you are since you prefer it over the Ruger. I still don't understand why accuracy would suffer by shooting over 100 rounds at a time.
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